Saturday, December 12, 2009

Indoor Garlic

Everything I've read on the internet tells me garlic can't be grown indoors except for the greens.
Ok, I don't need to reinvent the wheel. I planted a few garlic cloves in a planter and put it in a southeast window. I chose cloves that showed signs of sprouting, some cloves from the grocery store are treated to not sprout.
In a very short time the sprouts were up. I pinched off a little to try it. I really was shocked at how powerful the garlic taste was. Not less, like the green part of scallions, but more than a clove itself (a store bought one that is).
I used it like scallions to top off a twice-baked delicious and colorful.
My husband has been using them in cooking, he also commented that he was suprised at the strong taste.
Note that this is like pinching back a plant. The garlic that had some greens removed actually grew better than the ones we left alone, and has lived longer.
I think I'll need a new spot for my cactus. I want two planters of garlic so we never run out.

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